F/V Rest Ash-Oar

Welcome to my store!

Sustainably caught seafood, direct from the boat!

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Tuna and Halibut

I fish for halibut and bluefin in the summers and may have fish available seasonally. Check back later for updates on seasonal fish. You can also keep up to date on current inventory by signing the newsletter below. See your seafood being caught by following my social media linked below.



I have some merch you can order now. Right now all merch is sold with pre-orders. I'm running pre-orders one week out of every month. Sign the newsletter below to be notified when pre-orders are open.


Straight from the boat!

All seafood will be supplied fresh off the boat and caught within days of arriving at your door! This unfortunately means limited/seasonal availability, but ensures your seafood is caught fresh and direct from small business! Check me out on social media to see the fishing in action!

Tik Tok

Fresh Maine lobster!

Lobsters and seasonal fish are a limited inventory item. Since you are buying them directly from me they will only be available when I am able to fish.  In the winter we face a lot of tough weather, they may occasionally be out of stock. Sign the newsletter below to be notified when inventory updates. All lobster orders will be filled and shipped once per week every Thursday when available. Orders placed before 9PM EST Wednesday will arrive on Friday. Orders placed after 9 PM EST Wednesday will arrive the following Friday.